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T & J Music Studio: Violin & Piano Lessons in Daly City, San Francisco, and Peninsula, with teachers Thomas & Jieun Yee

Thomas Yee, Violin Teacher (B.M. & M.M. San Francisco Conservatory of Music)
Jieun Yee, Piano Teacher (M.M. San Francisco Conservatory of Music & Kyungwon University, Korea, B.M. Kookmin University, Korea)

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Why Study Music?
· 1on1 training promotes highly specialized skills of playing music to be carefully & properly developed.
· The experience of music increases self-confidence and coordination in other activities.
· Music Lessons teach the art of focus, work ethic, consistency, and discipline.

Music for All Ages
· Emphasis on a productive & positive learning atmosphere.
· Music can be played for inspiration, self satisfaction or for sharing and communicating emotion with others.
· Varying teaching styles such as Suzuki, Kodaly, & Own methods applied to bring out the best response from the individual student.

The T&J Studio caters to beginning through advanced students of Violin and Piano. The studio takes a psychological approach to music and teaches students several mindsets:

  • Proficiency
  • Art of Practice
  • Positive learning
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Discipline

    Here is the T&J Studio approach at each level of learning:

    Music at the Beginning level
    · Building a strong base in violin basics, as well as pitch and rhythm, with an introduction to music theory
    · Utmost care will be taken at the earliest stages of learning music to allow strong fundamentals to be retained for life
    · Aural and visual learning will be passed from teacher to student

    Music at the Intermediate & Advanced levels
    · Enhancement of musical taste and ideas to feel the music and play with emotion
    · Advanced and creative practice techniques
    · Connecting music with advanced music theory and history, allowing for stronger performance

    · MTAC Certificate of Merit Program enrollment
    · Bi-Annual Student Recital Performances.
    · Performance is an important aspect of studying music. It allows oneself to express themselves and communicate with others. There will be opportunities to hear the faculty perform in concert as well.

    Currently interviewing & accepting students of all ages and levels

    About the Faculty

    Highly Qualified & Experienced Teaching Faculty

    Thomas Yee, Concert Violinist & Pedagogue
    · Certified Music Teacher's Association of California Member (MTAC)
    · Master Class taught at Santa Barbara Symphony, Modesto Junior College, and Modesto Youth Symphony
    · String Coach for El Camino and San Jose Youth Orchestras
    · Faculty of Jou Music Institute in Cupertino

    Jieun Yee- Collaborative Pianist & Teacher
    · Certified Music Teacher's Association of California Member (MTAC)
    · Professional staff accompanist at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, collaborating with professors and students alike
    · Regularly performs as organist & concert pianist with Bay Area choirs and ensembles
    · Performer on Keyboard with Modesto, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Napa Valley Symphonies

    Lesson Policies

    60 Minute Lessons are highly recommended for all students: At the beginning level for solidifying basic technique and at the advanced level for musical development.
    · Lesson Schedule is planned on a month to month basis.
    · Come prepared and have an open mind during lessons. Bring all books & materials.
    · Be willing to practice on a consistent basis (daily, if possible)
    · Schedule lessons at the beginning of the month with possible flexibility.
    · Avoid any last minute schedule changes or cancellations.
    · 48 hours advance notice in writing for a reschedule or 4 days for a cancellation, otherwise the paid lesson time will charged for reservation of the teacher's reservation and studio booking. Emergencies will have consideration.

    Special Introductory Offer
    The T & J Music Studio is currently offering a complimentary 30 minute in-person piano or violin consultation. This will allow the student and teacher to familiarize with one another and give enough time to enjoy and properly understand the basics of the piano or violin.

    Spreading the Word
    Please let your friends and family know about our musical institution. We maintain a solid and successful Music Studio for everyone to enjoy. With support from one another, we can teach and share our knowledge of music.

Testimonials about Thomas's teaching:

"After outgrowing her teacher of 8 years, we were in search of a new teacher who could take our then 13 year-old daughter to the next level of playing. While she was able to play advanced and mature pieces like Tchaikovsky concerto, we felt something was missing. In the five months that Nicole has been with Thomas, we have seen a tremendous growth in her technical skills and her sound. Thomas is a very organized teacher who teaches his students to play and strive for the best quality. He does not allow Nicole to get away with trying to fudge through passages. While he is strict, he is also very positive and encouraging, setting reasonable and attainable goals for his students. His lessons are productive and fun which makes it very enjoyable for our teenager. We appreciate his dedication in teaching our daughter to strive for the best she can be."
-Janet Chan, parent of violin student Nicole Yee

"My child is a special need child. He absolutely loves music, especially the violin. In the past he has struggled to concentrate during lessons because his attention span is very short. He has a tendency to avoid work if something is difficult for him or is faced with new things. After he first met with Mr. Yee, he said, Mom, I love to work with him. I want to take lessons with him.
I couldn't believe it. In the past during lessons, he often would make an excuse to go to bathroom at least once and spent a lot of time there. Whenever teachers asked him to do something, he refused.
Then like magic, after working with Mr. Yee, he suddenly changed his attitude and has been following Mr. Yee's advice. When having trouble understanding theoretical concepts, he still tries his best. Mr. Yee is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher, and stands out among other teachers. He always tries to find out the student's potentials and fixes them to the utmost of his ability."
-Jeong Kwon, parent of violin student Austin Kwon

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